About us

VITAE Biotech Network

La nuova formula di servizio per le aziende attive nell’ambito della tutela e del miglioramento della qualità della vita.

VITAE Biotech Network – a business network headquartered in Friuli Venezia Giulia – was set up to provide personal healthcare services such as consultancy, assistance, maintenance and measurement to a wide range of enterprises. To achieve this goal the Network’s eight companies pool their skills and resources.

The services offered by VITAE Biotech Network target all enterprises or public/private agencies engaged in healthcare and improvement of quality of life, whether personal or community-based. The Network’s sphere of activity covers the sectors of biomedicine, biotechnology, bioinformatics, biorobotics, medical fields, pharmaceutics, and services aimed at wellness.

In addition, the Network is actively seeking to join other networks, associations, committees, consortia and clusters, with the aim of fostering and consolidating commercial relationships in specific technological, territorial and sectorial areas.

A further goal is internationalisation of the Network’s businesses through events and exhibitions, development of innovative processes and products, plus direct research effort.

VITAE Biotech Network has chosen METLAB srl as its reference company; the Network consequently has legal headquarters at METLAB, through whom it can be contacted.

The Network is also represented by METLAB at the CBM cluster and the Trieste Biohightech Net network.

These are the network companies:
Metlab srl - Oreb Sistemi industriali srl - Sphera Sistemi e Soluzioni - Franco, Sgrazzutti & Partners Studio Legale Associato - ELSI - Chiara Over Land srl - Polo 626 srl - MEG Industry srl.